Reduce time and costs with BluJay’s Customs Management

BluJay’s Customs Management is a multi-country, multi-language solution that enables you to comply with customs and security regulations through a single user interface.

Our solution allows your company to streamline communication between the entire import/export community, for automatic sharing of information. Key features also include:

  • Fully scalable to cope with fluctuating volumes of business
  • Customs validations and edits to ensure only compliant declarations are sent to customs
  • User customer standard EDI output to upload
  • Supports both ends of the supply chain
  • Status updates throughout the life-cycle of the customs declaration

Think your organisation could benefit from a common user interface that provides complete, real-time visibility of declaration status to any party, internal or external? Take a look at our Customs Management data sheet to learn more about how your company can start consolidating your customs operation into a central hub.

BluJay Solutions helps companies around the world achieve excellence in logistics and trade compliance - it’s in our DNA. Through a blend of Data, Networks, and Applications, delivered in the BluJay Way, our DNA platform powers the Frictionless Supply Chain for thousands of the world’s leading manufacturers, retailers, distributors, freight forwarders, customs brokers, carriers, and logistics service providers.

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