BluJay's Frictionless Supply Chain Series For Retailers

Need more visibility of shipments? Tired of running out of product? Not able to seamlessly integrate with partners? Do you feel like you're falling behind in a dynamic trade environment? If you have answered yes to any of these questions you won't want to miss this webinar, designed for retailers, just like you.

With all this talk about frictionless and friction free - are you questioning whether that is possible? This webinar will delve into that question - deep! We'll discuss daily challenges and whether it's possible to remove supply chain headaches by the use of data, network and applications. Answers are only a click away.

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Consumers Give You One Chance To Get It Right - Capture It!

We all know that retailers only get one chance to get it right, and how important it is to capture it. With customers constantly changing their needs and demands, you need to be thinking about today AND tomorrow. This webinar will cover the importance of having a flexible platform to keep up with consumers’ expectations.


Understanding the Power of the Data

Shipping platforms contain a lot of data, and it’s important for your business to understand what you can learn from it. This webinar will cover understanding what your platform can do, and using the data it proves to make better decisions for the future.


On-Demand Webinar Schedule

Preparing for Peak

On-Demand May 26th


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