A Fresh Take on Supply Chain Execution

Yesterday’s systems have a limited shelf life in meeting the demands and challenges of today’s food and beverage supply chain. Many companies without modern technology find themselves missing opportunities to reduce costs and complexity, respond to customer needs, and improve customer experience.

Learn how to gain a lasting advantage and find out how three companies leveraged technology and the connectivity of a global trade network to advance their supply chains in the guide, “Modernise Your Food & Beverage Supply Chain.”

Get a taste for how your organisation can improve service and performance – now and into the future.

BluJay Solutions is a leading provider of supply chain software and services powered by the world’s first Global Trade Network. Our customers can unlock the power of over 40,000 universally connected partners to achieve greater trade velocity and optimise their future in the global economy. BluJay customers include five of the top 10 food and beverage companies, 32 of the top 40 logistics service providers, and 24 of the top 25 freight forwarders. With BluJay, 1.9 billion transportation transactions are processed and 4.5 billion boxes shipped annually.

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